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5th Conometric World Congress     Friday October 20th, 9:00-13:00 Prosthetic Workshop, Intra Oral Welding (IOW) and Conometric Implant Restorations: the Role of the Lab Technician CDT GIANLUCA SIGHINOLFI - venue DEGIDI DENTAL CLINIC  ___________________________________________________ Friday October 20th, 14:00-17:00 Primary Stability Workshop, Introducing a new system for evaluating primary stability DR MARCO DEGIDI, DR GIUSEPPE […]
  2021 AO Annual Meeting  Dear colleagues, both my friend Michael Block and I will be giving talks on the Conometric Concept at the Annual AO meeting. Don't miss it !  
WHERE TO LEARN ACURIS The next dates where you can learn the new conometric concept, “No screw, no glue- the prosthodontist’s dream comes true”; Acuris are: – 26th-27th-28th April 2021: The Chairside Approach at the Degidi Dental Clinic, Bologna – Italy
Presentation of the 2020 training course October 16, 2020 WeldOne Concept November 26-27, 2020 Conometric Concept Presentation This path born from three reflections: 1 - everything that is built directly on the patient's chair has undeniable advantages; 2 - the best results (not least, also from an economic point of view) are obtained when it […]
Video animation of the Weldone Concept The revolutionary system designed by Dr Marco Degidi for the immediate stabilization of implant prosthetic structures